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Get Connected With Other Stepmoms Just Like You!
This is where you will find stepmoms in similar situations to email with, chat with, write to for advice: a place to make new friends.

So, there are several ways to jump right in and get involved: Join an email group, sign up for our penpal list, visit our chat or post on our bulletin board. If you are having a hard time, write to our Guardian Angels for a little TLC. Whatever is right for you...GET INVOLVED!!

Join an Email Discussion Group

We are currently setting up email groups...these will be groups of ten stepmoms who have something in common. Here are some of the topics we are working on:

  • Dating a Divorced Dad
  • Dealing with a Difficult Biomom
  • Parenting as a "step"
  • Custodial Stepmom
  • Non-cutodial Stepmom
  • Oh the horrors of court!

    Join our penpal list..(send a brief bio)
    Email Tammy (stepmomx3)

    Volunteer to be a Guardian Angel Stepmom

    Send an email

    Guardian Angel stepmoms answer mail from stepmoms in crisis, lending a friendly, invaluable ear.

  • Stay tuned!